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B Team - Norfolk League Division 4 South West                              April 2016

 Dear Player, Parent or Supporter,

As you are aware the new season is fast approaching and I thought I would keep you informed of what has been going on behind the scenes, rule changes, new players, etc.

This season I have taken over the captain's role from Douglas Young, who has done a fantastic job in managing the team and seeing the development of some younger players move up as well as providing an enjoyable environment for everyone, which I aim to continue.

Terry Fairweather, our groundsman, has already put in a great amount of time and effort preparing the square, extending and tidying the boundary and cleaning the pavilion. We also hope to have another changing room ready for use for the female players. Unfortunately, this year the top half of the outfield has seen a huge rise in wild orchid plants, that are protected under the Countryside & Wildlife Act. As they cannot be cut, we will have to cut the grass around the plants meaning there will be areas of longer grass in the outfield. Once the plant has flowered (July) the field can be cut as normal. This will have an impact on all matches – junior and senior – played in this period but will be the same for both teams. The Norfolk League are aware.

All information relating to the Norfolk League – fixtures, results, tables, rules - can be found at The league also has an active facebook page.

This year the English Cricket Board requires all clubs to put the scorecards from every match on their play cricket site. Therefore it is extremely important that the score books are correct at the end of every innings as this information will be uploaded by me on Each week you will be able to view your stats from wickets, runs, catches taken etc. Some clubs have already been using the site so you may find past stats already shown.

The nucleus of team is much the same as last season with the aim of playing a mixture of youth and senior players subject to availability. I have managed to secure the playing services of Stuart Taylor, Lewis Taylor, Dan Taylor (all from Garboldisham) and Rob Clemence (Hales & Loddon) all of which will bring experience and strength to the team especially batting, as this has been our weakness to date.

Availability – it will be useful to know which weeks you can/cannot play. This year the club has a healthy squad wanting to play Saturday cricket, so your availability will help me plan teams weeks ahead.  There maybe occasions when the captains are unable to include everyone so please do not be offended if you are not asked. We have several junior players wanting to play or who expressed an interest in playing in the B team and my intention is to ensure all players get their chance to play.

Rule change affecting bowlers – now maximum 10 overs per bowler – meaning at least 5 players will get a bowl in any one game.

To remind you a 'no-ball' is where any ball is bowled over waist height regardless if the bowler is deemed a slow bowler.

Each side of the stumps you will see a white line 75cm from the leg and off stumps – this is a guideline for the umpire to decide if a ball bowled should be deemed a wide delivery – note this is only a guide line!

When we are batting we need to ensure that no-one does long spells of umpiring or scoring (unless they want to) so lets work together as team – on and off the field!

Teas – This season I will be asking that your wife, partner or parents prepare a tea for a home match as I am unable to do this in addition to helping Terry set up the ground for the match. We have 9 home matches to cover – Sandra Taylor has kindly offered to do this for the first match v Mellis. You will be reimbursed the money for the tea of up to £30.

Practice nights – Every Tuesday evening from 6pm at Diss, for those intending to play 2nd or 3rd team cricket. For juniors wanting to play senior cricket it is important that you come if you want to be considered for selection.

So lets look forward to a good season of enjoyable cricket – win, lose or draw!

Kind regards,

James Skilleter

Mob: 07880 553172


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    Diss Cricket Club, established in 1863, has been based at Rectory Meadow in the heart of the pleasant South Norfolk market town for 40 years. 20 miles from both Norwich in the north and Ipswich in the south, Diss services a surrounding population of some 50,000.
    The club runs 3 Saturday teams, 1 Sunday team and 4 youth sides : Under 11, Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17. The home ground has a 10 pitch square, an artificial wicket, two fixed and one mobile practice net. The Clubhouse has just been refurbished.

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